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Amalgam separators

We collect most makes of amalgam separators free of charge and, where possible, introduce them into the recycling process. We have developed a revolutionary system for our own medentex sedimentation separator amalsed® - this is not only extremely reliable it is also cost-effective. Please contact us for more information!

Filter screens

medentex collects and recycles filter screens and then sells them to dental practices at far below the price of new filter screens.

X-ray chemicals

Reusable residual materials from development and fixing processes are recovered and returned to the productive cycle. medentex provides you with appropriate collection containers free of charge.

Excess amalgam & filling rests

Unused pure rest materials from amalgam filling procedures can be collected in Medentotainers and passed on to medentex for recycling. You are of course reimbursed for amalgam filling rests above 0.5 kg.

Excess amalgam from capsules

It is not possible to economically process amalgam capsules due to the high content of organic matter. medentex has the necessary experience to ensure correct handling and final disposal of the capsules in compliance with legal requirements.

Extracted teeth with amalgam fillings

Extracted teeth are collected in special containers containing disinfectant and then introduced into a recycling process.

X-ray films, lead foils and X-ray aprons

medentex collects lead foils from intraoral and X-ray films, puts them into transport drums and introduces them to the recycling process.

Disposal of end-of-life devices

On request, medentex offers an economic disposal service for end-of-life devices, such as mixers contaminated with mercury and amalgam separators.

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