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Dental waste containers

  • Collection system for mercury contaminated residues
  • Dental waste container for excess amalgam – Medentotainer
  • Dental waste container for empty amalgam capsules – Medentocap
  • Dental waste container for extracted teeth
  • Dental waste container for used filter screens and wastewater contaminated with amalgam
  • Sharps container system for needles and cannulae
  • Dental waste container for sharps and sharp objects such as needles and cannulae are available in three different sizes to suit your requirements:   1.5 L container, 12 L drum and a 30 L drum.
  • Container system for photographic chemicals Two sizes of cost-free canisters are available for X-ray chemicals: 25 L and 10 L.
  • Other systems
  • We are able to provide key-account customers with large-volume waste collection systems on request.
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Dental waste containers

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